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Top Withens - Withins - Bronte Country

Top Withins or Withens? The earliest record of the name goes back to the 14th century and it is named as Withins, at about the 17th century it becomes Withens. Take a complete 360º virtual tour near Top Withens ruin here...
There are no known records that state any reference of a Bronte connection to Top Withens, it has been passed down locally that the ruins are connected to Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights;

"Wuthering Heights is the name of Mr Heathcliff's dwelling. `Wuthering' being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed in stormy weather. Pure, bracing ventilation they must have up there at all times, indeed; one may guess the power of the north wind blowing over the edge, by the excessive slant of a few stunted firs at the end of the house; and by a range of gaunt thorns all stretching their limbs one way, as if craving alms of the sun."
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Top Withens is at an elevation of about 1,400 feet, the bench mark on the southwest corner of the building is 1,376.9 ft above sea level.


The farmhouse now in a ruin, the photo (left) was taken in the 1920's. It was last occupied By Ernest Roddy a poultry farmer in 1926.

Article (House of Commons 23 July 1997) by Ann Cryer MP (Keighley) concerning the condition of Top Withens

To the rear of the ruin there is a window just above ground with "Dairy" carved on the lintel. This exempted that window from window tax.

"Top Withens. This Farmhouse has been associated with "Wuthering Heights", the Earnshaw home in Emily Bronte's novel. The buildings, even when complete bore no resemblance to the house she described, but the situation may have been in her mind when she wrote of the moorland setting of the heights.

This plaque has been placed here in response to many Inquiries. Bronte Society 1964".

Top Withens in 3D



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