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Reverend William Morgan
and Jane Morgan (nee Fennell)

The Reverend William Morgan was Patrick's fellow curate back in Shropshire in 1809, and the two subsequently became life-long friends. Morgan married Maria Branwell's cousin, Jane Fennel, in a joint wedding with Patrick and Maria at St. Oswald's Church, Guiseley, in 1812 (mentioned above): each curate in turn married the 'other two'. The two brides, likewise, acted as each other's bridesmaids. Jane Fennel ultimately became Emily's godmother - and was the source of her middle name (Anne was named after her maternal grandmother and one of Patrick's sisters). William Morgan was later to perform the ministerial duties of christening Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne, and several years later still, he 'officiated' at Maria's (Mrs. Brontë) funeral: he also performed the funeral service of Patrick's three children, Maria, Elizabeth and Branwell. It is said that Dr Thomas Boultby in Charlotte's novel, Shirley, is modelled on this family friend. William Morgan died on 30 March 1858 - three years before Patrick.
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