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Red House "Briarmains" in Charlotte Bronte's novel Shirley

"Briarmains stood near the highway. It was rather an old place, and had been built ere that highway was cut, and when a lane winding up through fields was the only path conducting to it."

Charlotte Bronte; Shirley (1849)

The house was built in the 1660's and unusually red brick was used instead of stone. It was owned by the Taylor family who are the "Yorkes" in the novel Shirley.

"Briarmains, though certainly the mansion appeared to enjoy a quieter phase of existence than the temple. Some of its windows too were aglow; the lower casements opened upon the lawn; curtains concealed the interior, and partly obscured the ray of the candles which lit it, but they did not entirely muffle the sound of voice and laughter. We are privileged to enter that front door, and to penetrate to the domestic sanctum."

Charlotte Bronte; Shirley (1849)

Mary Taylor was one of Charlotte's closest friends. They first met at Roe Head school in 1831 and became lifelong friends. Mary is "Rose Yorke" in Shirley and Martha is "Jessie Yorke".

In Affectionate Remembrance Of
Mary Taylor
Of High Royd Gomersal
Born February 26th 1817
Died March 1st 1893

Martha Taylor sister of Mary
1819 - 1842
Buried in Brussels
"Much loved was she much loving"
C Bronte

Mary and Martha Taylor are buried in St Mary's Church, Gomersal.

As you enter the Graveyard (see picture) the grave is situated about 30m to the left.

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