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Anne Brontё Correspondence
/Корреспонденция Энн Бронте
The Letters of Anne Brontë

Throughout her life Anne is known to have written hundreds of letters. Indeed, during her last few years she wrote many counselling letters to her former charges at Thorp Green, who turned to their former governess, rather than their mother, in times of trouble. 'Unlike Emily, Anne was a competent and charming letter writer';153 and even Charlotte, who persisted in seeing Anne as having only moderate skills, expressed her surprise to Ellen Nussey on receiving Anne's first letter from Blake Hall, where, at the age of nineteen, she had just taken up her first post as a governess: 'You would be astonished,' Charlotte wrote, 'what a sensible, clever letter she writes'. Sadly, only five of Anne's letters have survived.154n P.J.M. Scott, another author who has written a book of assessment on Anne's work, called the letters 'each a marvel of tact'.155 The text of them all is presented here.

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