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The Anne and Emily Diaries (1834)
/Дневники Энн и Эмили Бронте (1834)
Anne / Emily Joint Diary - 1834

This diary paper was jointly composed, though written mostly in Emily's hand: it was signed by both herself and Anne. What is most surprising is the poor spelling, punctuation and grammar by the 16 year old Emily - the person who was later to write one of the greatest novels ever written. The poor spelling etc. have been preserved in the copy below (though items in red are later additions to improve clarity). The reference 'Mr. Sunderland expected', relates to the parish organist from nearby Keighley, who was employed by Patrick to teach piano to Branwell, Emily and Anne.
At the time of this diary, Anne was 14 years old.

November the 24
1834 Monday
Emily Jane Brontë
Anne Brontë
I fed Rainbow, Diamond, Snowflake Jasper phesant (alias this morning Branwell went down to Mr. Drivers's and brought news that Sir Robert peel was going to be invited to stand for Leeds Anne and I have been peeling apples for Charlotte to make an apple pudding and for Aunt's [? - unreadable] . . and apple Charlotte said she made puddings perfectly and she was of a quick but lim[i]ted intellect Taby said just now come Anne pillopuate (ie pill [peel] a potato Aunt has come into the kitchen just now and said where are you feet Anne Anne answered onthe on the floor Aunt papa opened the parlour Door and said B gave Branwell a Letter saying here Branwell read this and show it to your Aunt and Charlotte - The Gondals are disc discovering the interior of Gaaldine
Sally mosley is washing in the back kitchin

It is past Twelve o'clock Anne and I have not tid[i]ed ourselvs, done our bed work or done our lessons and we want to go out to play We are going to have for dinner Dinner Boiled Beef Turnips potato's and applepudding the Kitchin is in avery untidy state Anne and I have not Done our music exercise which consists of b majer Taby said on my putting a pen in her face Ya pitter pottering there instead of pilling a potate I answered O Dear, O Dear, O Dear I will derectly with that I get up, take a Knife and begin pilling (finished pilling the potatos papa going to walk Mr Sunderland expected

Anne and I say I wonder what we shall be like if all be well and what we shall be and where we shall be this year if all goes on well in the year 1874 -- in which year I shall be in my 57th year Anne will be going in her 55th year Branwell will be going in his 58th year And Charlotte in her 59th year hoping we shall all be well at that time We close our paper

Emily and Anne November the 24 1834
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