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Servants of family 
At Thornton, the Brontës employed two servants - Nancy and her sister Sarah Garrs. They moved with the Brontës to Haworth, and continued to serve the family until 1824. Nancy subsequently died in the Bradford workhouse aged 83 having outlived all the Brontës. After leaving their employment with the Brontës, the Garrs sisters were replaced by 54 year old Tabitha 'Tabby' Aykroyd, who stayed with the family for 30 years - dying only a few months before Charlotte in 1855. Tabby played a big part in influencing and raising the Brontë children, and the family stayed faithful to her when she became infirm with age: rather than dismiss her, they employed, in 1838, the Haworth sexton John Brown's 10 year old daughter - Martha Brown (pictured above) - to give her assistance. Initially, Martha only worked at the Parsonage on washdays, but later joined as a permanent servant. She remained there until the household was dispersed after Patrick's death in 1861, but continued to keep in touch with Charlotte's husband, and even visited him in Ireland. She died in 1880 aged 52.
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