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Anne's Letter to William Smith Williams (publisher) (September 1848)

Following Branwell's death on 24th. September, Charlotte collapsed and remained very ill throughout the following week. She became very concerned about two letters from her publisher, William Smith Williams, which she had not answered. During this period of intense grief, Anne took control and wrote to him on her behalf:

Haworth, Sept 29th 1848

Dear Sir,

My sister wishes me to thank you for your two letters, the receipt of which gave her much pleasure, though coming in a season of severe domestic affliction, which has so wrought upon her too delicate constitutions as to induce a rather serious indisposition, that renders her unfit for the slightest exertion. Even the light task of writing to a friend is at present too much for her, though, I am happy to inform you, she is now recovering; and I trust, ere long, she will be able to assure you herself of her complete restoration, and to give you her own sentiments upon the contents of your letters. Meantime, she desires her kindest regards to you, and participates with me in sincere pleasure at the happy effects of Mrs. Williams' seaside residence. I am, dear Sir, Yours sincerely,
A. Brontë.

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